Integumentary System Review for Health Care Professionals

The integumentary (skin) system is an important protective barrier. Disruption of the skin integrity may result in the need for costly (financial, emotional and physical) remedial intervention. This course is designed to review the integumentary system in its normal, healthy state and to examine some of the common health problems associated with a compromised integumentary system. Additionally, treatment protocols for skin problems are identified.

This is a self-paced course with optional knowledge check quizzes after each lesson. These non-graded quizzes allow you to check your understanding of the lesson objectives before proceeding to the next lesson. After the final lesson you will be required to take the final exam. You must score 80% or higher to pass the course and obtain a certificate of completion.

  • Identify the Components of the integumentary system and their purpose
  • State the changes in the integumentary system expected with aging
  • Describe the steps in general care of the integument
  • State the process for perineal care
  • Compare and contrast common skin conditions
  • State the importance of prevention of skin breakdown
  • Identify the areas at greatest risk for skin breakdown
  • Identify autoimmune diseases affecting the skin
  • Identify circulation problems affecting the skin
  • Identify viruses affecting the skin
  • Identify other skin conditions and their impact on skin integrity
  • Compare and contrast normal and abnormal assessment findings for the integumentary system
  • Recognize and utilize a validated risk assessment scale for pressure ulcers
  • Identify and characterize the different wound stages
  • Recognize medications and treatments commonly used for the integumentary system conditions
  • Identify the mechanical aids used to reduce risk of skin breakdown
  • Describe care of the patient/client with compromised integumentary status; including methods to relieve pressure and the cleansing, dressing and debridement of pressure ulcers
  • Describe the process for proper wound care
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2.6 contact hour(s) based on 60 minute contact hour

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The estimated time for completion for this activity is 2.6 hours

Intended Audience

This continuing education course is of interest for all healthcare professionals that communicate with patients and peers, such as: licensed practical nurses, registered nurse, physical therapists, dietitians, and social workers.

Course Planning Team

Kathy Richie, BSN, RN, Patricia Jump, RN, PHN, MA

Course Expiration Date

As required by ANCC, this continuing nursing education activity must carry an expiration date. You must complete the content, Final Quiz and Course Survey on or before that day. The last day to successfully complete this course and receive a Certificate of Completion will be December 31, 2018.

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Patricia Jump - RN PHN MA

Technical Nurse Consultant, President Acorn's End Training and Consulting. Patricia Jump received her Bachelor's in Nursing Degree from Winona State University and her Masters of Arts Degree in Health and Human Services Administration from St. Mary's University. She has over 25 years experience in the health care field and almost two decades of public speaking experience. As a professional trainer and consultant, Patricia conducts seminars across the country for all levels of employees in business, professional associations, educational organizations, churches, and government agencies. Additionally, she serves as personal coach, consultant, and retreat facilitator for home care leaders and organizations throughout the nation.


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